Frequently Asked Questions About Worksheet Library

1. What do members receive?

Total access to every worksheet on the Worksheet Library web site. That about 15,000 worksheets.

2. Are your credit card payments secure?

We care for your security. We employ state-of-the-art data encryption to ensure safe and secure transactions to our site. Please see our pledge to your security.

3. Do you provide answer keys to your worksheets?

Any worksheet with problems includes an answer key. The answer keys are located on the last page of each PDF file. Worksheets for reports or written essays (e.g. writing prompts) do not have answer keys.

4. How long is a membership for?

365 days.

5. Can I order from outside the U.S.?

Of course you can! If you make a credit card purchase, the currency is automatically converted for you.

6. After signing up, how long does it take to begin my membership?

You will be instantly logged in. An Email reminder with your Login information will also be sent to you.

7. Can I use at home and school?

Absolutely! What fun would it be without that? You can access our system from any computer connected to the Internet

8. What format are worksheets in?

To insure the highest print quality possible, all of our worksheets are in PDF format.

9. Can I make copies for my class? What copyright rules apply?

All members are granted the right to make enough copies for all of the classes they are directly responsible for. Rights to use our materials is only for the member. No sharing please. This copyright holds as long as you have a paid membership.

10. How much does a membership cost?

$29.95 (U.S. Dollars) per year.

11. Do you offer site licensing?

Yes, we offer packages for staff within buildings or complete school districts. Site licensing information can be found at:

12. How often do you add worksheets?

We add worksheets on a weekly basis. All members receive an Email telling them what we added each week.

13. Do you provide trials?

We do not offer trial memberships. Over 500 worksheets are available for free use as a trial. The free icon will appear next to an item, if it is available for download to nonmembers. Due to our extensive use of free worksheet samples and visual displays of membership materials, we do not offer refunds.

14. How do I receive or stop receiving the Weekly Worksheet Email Newsletter?

Just visit our add or remove page.